Talking about music vol. I- ‘Dazzle Ships’

Every now and again, I intend to choose a record at random, play it, and review it ‘live’ track-by-track- in other words, I’m only going to talk about a song while it is playing- not before or after. If it’s 3 minutes, I’ve got 3 minutes to think of something and type it out- after that, it’s gone. I’m going to start today. Continue reading


A quick thought about some bricks.

I still play with Lego- I don’t see any shame in that at all. In fact, there’s still something cool about still owning toys from the 1990s- I’ve got Lego, Transformers, Pokemon cards, Nerf guns and a Sega Megadrive (more on that later!) in my flat. Anyway- I have a list of projects that I really want to do in the next few years- somewhere on there is to make a stop motion film using Lego. Again, I’ll post my list on here eventually and explain it all. At the moment, however, I’ll need at least one more video camera and another 2 pairs of hands, but it could be done now, albeit quite badly lo-fi. One of the little figures I’ve got is a samurai, which I think is pretty cool. Here’s a picture of him:

I’m not sure if I want him as the hero, anti-hero or villain yet. Or even his name. Any suggestions? Just to say- he WILL have a motorcycle.

PS- In the background, you can see my lovely green Gola trainers and the Doc Martens- I already explained these. Now you have pictorial evidence.

(Dial Tone)

First real post (better make it a good one)

I’ve already realised a problem with blogging. You feel obliged to only tell the most interesting anecdotes you have- it’s a little like being at a dinner party for a family friend who you haven’t seen since you were 4, but somehow knows everything about you…it always feels a little uncomfortable. Anyway, I digress. I do have a couple of stories which I’d like to share, but I don’t want to reveal everything in the second post. The mystery would be ruined…if there was any mystery. There probably wasn’t, was there? Sorry- still digressing… Continue reading

Welcome, Willkommen, Bienvenue etc

Hello. This is going to be a place for me to share my nonsense, rantings, musings and occasionally something useful. I’m probably talk about a fairly broad spectrum of topics- nothing too heavy though. Mainly music, films, various TV shows, snack foods and toys from the 1980s and 1990s, and the occasional anecdote. I also use illustrations, graphs, whatever works. Bear with me, I promise it’ll be OK. Honest.

I’ve got nothing else to say for now, so here’s a doodle. Almost a preview of the classy affair that this blog will try and produce.