Touch Me, I’m Sick.

I had to go to the doctor today. I didn’t really want to, but in this instance it was fairly necessary. Like the vast majority of the public (and probably nearly every reader here) I regress to the state of a 5-year-old at the thought of visiting either a doctor or a dentist. Continue reading


Talking about music vol. III- Euphoric /// Heartbreak \\\

I feel obliged to write this post today. I’ve had a fairly rant-free week, barring the incident involving rain and slow pedestrians, and I don’t particularly feel like recanting any particular stories. However, I promised last time that the next review I would write would be for Glasvegas’ 2nd album, Euphoric /// Heartbreak \\\. So without any further ado, let’s go. Continue reading

Sick As A Parrot

As I’ve mentioned before, last year I intended to put on a show at the Edinburgh Fringe- it was going to be mainly stories from my dad’s time as a football player and referee, but also personal anecdotes from going to games in the late 1990s and early 2000s. However, it wasn’t a general ‘wasn’t everything better in the good old days?’ rant. It was personal- things that aren’t seen any more, things that simply aren’t the same. In the last post similar to this, I mentioned stickers, inflatables, pies at halftime and the Sports Report. This time, I’m delving a little further. Continue reading

My Travels IV- Photography special!

I’ve realised that while I’ve been talking about my trip to America (I still can’t believe I’ve got 3 separate stories/anecdotes from it- I’m only about halfway through!), I need some sort of illustrative backing. My doodles cannot really stand up against proper photography- and it just so happens that I did some.
Continue reading

Pedestrian Etiquette (or, It’s Too Damp For This!)

My jeans are rather damp right now. That’s an opening gambit I’d hope would never grace Shenaniganation, but there you go. The weather today can only be described as ‘Northern’- grey skies, persistent drizzle, slightly too windy to avoid the rain using buildings- the usual really, and I had to go and do some errands in town. Needless to say, the weather beat me. Although I could claim that I won the war- the purchase of some new headphones made it worth it. Continue reading

Talking about music vol. II- ‘Raven In The Grave’

Hi again- it’s been a few days, I know- I’ve been rather busy with various drama-based workings which hopefully will all go well. I also noticed that it’s been at least 2 weeks since I last did a music review. So I’m going to do one now. Same format as before- I start talking about the songs as soon as they start, and finish when they finish. Continue reading

The Trials And Tribulations Of Being Comedically Challenged

On my life’s to-do list, only a few places down, is clearly marked ‘Do an Edinburgh Fringe show’. I nearly did one last year, but had problems with venues and times which meant that I had to pull out- I don’t regret it, although I do wish I could have had the experience. However, it has given me time to regroup and replan. Which I’ve done. Continue reading

Random Things About Association Football #468- The Cult Hero

I’m going to apologise in advance. I’ve made another post about football- something that I’m hoping will be a fairly rare occurrence in comparison to other stuff. However, I thought that this edition of Shenaniganation could talk a little bit about it- namely the idea of the cult hero.  Continue reading

My Travels III

Hello again. It’s been a few days since I resumed my story about America (also known as ‘the fairly comprehensive list of why you shouldn’t travel anywhere with me’), so I thought I’ll write another installment. It’s a Sunday, raining a little bit and I’m listening to Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura, like the hipster lovely individual I am. Also, I’ve had a fried egg sandwich (fried in olive oil, of course) with a cup of green tea- a very rare but lovely treat…I’m not a hipster! I’m not! NO NO NO NO NO!……Anyway, on with the story. Continue reading