Pretending To Be: Cultural Reporter- Live At The Edinburgh Fringe (final part)

That was a fun few days. I quite enjoyed pretending to be a reviewer, being able to sell my wares amongst the rest of the Fringe experience. I certainly enjoyed being a part of it (even though, really, I wasn’t, was I?).

It was great being able to watch such a variety of shows (even though I kept mainly to comedy, occasionally venturing into cabaret), and it felt genuinely great getting retweets and mentions regarding my reviews:

But the most fun part? Making business cards/stickers, and putting them out on the streets. My plan was initially to get some proper cards printed, but because of a variety of factors I completely forgot. So cue last minute attempts to create handmade cards, cut from sheets of A4 card, but a little on the clumsy side, so a variety of sizes and shapes. Then handwriting the info, plus whatever else I could think of at the time- some anti-humour, some mini-doodles. The work pace was unbearably slow though- by the time I had reached Edinburgh (by train), I’d finished about 18. Real help was needed. Thankfully, I found a stationary shop with print/copy facilities, so I could make some basic cards on the fly. And on the cheap- just over 200 for just under £5. Not bad.

So then it was time to make a mark across the city. And make a mark I did try. Here are some highlights (apologies to anyone who’s work I defiled/stuck things over. I had very limited resources, and I know that my stickers could be removed easy enough. Plus, I’m sure you had more poster/flyers/stickers than I did. Oh, and click on them to see it full size- some are worth it.)



Yeah- pretty proud of them, in a weird kind of way. I’ve also decided that I fully intend to do a Fringe show next year. I could have done one last year, but various issues were in the way so I ended up pulling out.

Next year, I’ll be ready.

In other news, I can cross a couple more items on my ‘favourite albums to get on vinyl’ list. Behold:


(That’s Iggy Pop’s The Idiot, Protection by Massive Attack, and Power, Corruption & Lies by New Order)

And finally (because I haven’t done one in a while), here’s a doodle of a wrestler.

Normal service has been resumed.

(Dial Tone)


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