Fancy Dress- Not Just For Kids

There’s something fun about attending fancy dress parties. It’s a different type of fun to, say, a normal night out with friends- there’s something almost childishly brilliant about going about your night dressed as someone/something else.

On Tuesday just gone, my friends and I had a fancy-dress night out (celebrating a double birthday), so for the few days previous, it was all systems go! to find something to wear. Now, I don’t go out and buy costumes- I always think that they’re such a waste- although they can be pretty cool, and do have a good track record for actually looking like what they’re based on, but the cost can’t always be justified. Plus there’s the uniqueness of a homemade one- there’s a lot less of a chance that someone else will have come dressed the same…

But mainly, it’s more fun making one from scratch.

My choice? Mankind- one of Mick Foley’s alter egos. Yeah.

And in true spirit of fun, the challenge was to make the costume from things I already own, or buying pieces, with a total under £10.

I already owned the black slacks, white shirt and Cactus Jack T-shirt (bought in Edinburgh when I went to see Mama Foley’s Baby Boy do his standup show), and the tie was bought at a local thrift store.

The difficult part, as you could expect, was the mask. Initially a plastic full-face masquerade mask (cost: £2.40), painted with several coats of matte brown paint (£2.00- tester pot) and detailed with a silver paint-pen (£2.50). The eyes and mouth were cut out, and parts of this were stuck back on the mask above the eye holes. One last coat of paint for stability and full detailing, and it was ready.

And here’s a photo- I’m on the right (obviously), while my friend Josh (it’s the second time he’s been mentioned here, with an image. I’ll have to do something about that…) is dressed up as Iceman from Top Gun…who lost his aviators and had to ask to borrow some sunglasses…

And you know what? I’m quite proud of it, in a weird way. It’s that halfway point between terrible and brilliant, so it manages to be both.

Anyway, talking of wrestlers, I (like the vast, vast majority of the wrestling universe) was shocked and a little scared when Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler suffered a heart attack during a live show of Monday Night Raw. Following the event on Twitter, it seems everyone was concerned by the legend’s condition, and it’s good to see that he is making definite progress. Get well soon, your majesty.

I’ve also expanded my all-time favourites list. This is the second set, so from #21 downward:

And a doodle:

What more do you want on a Thursday?

(Dial Tone)



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