People are rubbish- Gahhhh!

I don’t know why, but just as certain seasons (in the retail world- remember, it’s not Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter- it’s Valentine’s Day/Easter, Holidays/Back To School, Halloween/Thanksgiving and Christmas) brings out the idiocy in consumers, crap weather brings out the arseholitude (it that a word? It looks and sounds right…) in motorists. Continue reading


So, work…

I’m writing this one my day off- having walked through a fairly heavy bout of rain yesterday after work, saturating my jeans and destroying not one but TWO umbrellas- a spectacularly humiliating yet hilarious waste of £4. Continue reading

Breaking News: New Project Stopped by Slacking

Well, it seems that my attempt at National Novel Writing Month has pretty much failed. It’s gone as well as my attempts to find employment have, in fact. Quite miserable in that sense. However, I think I’m doing well with Vegan Month, considering my favourite foodstuffs tend to be cheese-based. Lactose discipline in action, right there. Continue reading

It’s That Time Of Year Again…

My parents came over to visit me earlier this week. Usually if they both have got a day off work at the same time (dad works Monday to Friday, mum works shifts which can be at any time), they sometimes come over for the day. It’s nice- generally we’ll go out somewhere for the day, unless the weather’s a bit rubbish. Continue reading