Finally, some good news

Well, after many weeks of waiting around/attempting in vain/DSS humiliation, I’ve managed to get myself a job. Yeah, I know. A real one, too. Starting tomorrow, I’m working at a CD/Video store in town.

So essentially, High Fidelity combined with Mallrats, the place is called ‘That’s Entertainment’- for all intents and purposes, it’s a record shop. And in all honesty, it’s by far the closest chance I’ve got right now to work at one. Plus, it’s money.

…OK, maybe not that much, but it’s still a wage, and it’s mine to do as I please…well, most of it.

Only a couple of issues though. Number one (and this is a big one) is that it’s Christmas soon (at least, in the retail world it is)- therefore two things:

– Christmas shopping, and

– Christmas music compilations.

Now, I’m not a fan of either, but it looks like I’ll have to swallow any remaining pride I’ve got- a sale’s a sale, right? Although only ONE Christmas-themed album should ever be sold. Never mind the usual Slade/Wizzard/Mel and Kim rubbish, this is the only Christmas album that should be legally sold:

The legendary A Christmas Gift For Youassembled by Phil Spector and his recording team, features a number of artists such as The Ronettes, Darlene Love and The Crystals. On original release, the album flopped (fun/morbid fact! It was released the same day as John F. Kennedy’s assassination, November 22nd 1963.), but in the time since it has grown to be one of the best-loved records of all time. Good thing, too, as it contains the hands-down best holiday song- ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’ performed here by Darlene Love.

But all joking/random thoughts aside, honestly I need this. I need the money. I need the reason to be up early in mornings. See, I want to go somewhere, disappear for a few days in another country, but before I even start thinking about that, I need an income- if not spectacular, then at least dependable. Then that’s one less problem. I can work with that.

(Breathe) OK- sorry about that. As I said in a previous blog post, I could use a holiday.

The interview was pretty decent for the job too- it’s always a good start when one of the questions was to name your top 5 movies. Just for the record:

  1. The Blues Brothers
  2. O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  3. Blade Runner
  4. Clerks
  5. Reservoir Dogs The Damned United Cool Runnings Planes Trains & Automobiles

I’m still not 100% sure about number 5 there.

So in short, I’m optimistically viewing this opportunity as a mixture of these:

Please take note of the cynical face both Rob and Dante have resigned themselves to. I give it 4 hours.

I’ve also begrudgingly started Christmas shopping…sort of. I’ve been given an Amazon gift card, with the instruction of ‘buy things that you’d want for Christmas, and get them sent home’. It’s a bit of a cop-out (it means that my parents don’t have to go round several toy shops/book shops/record stores/somewhere that might sell NHL jerseys), but it’s easier this way I suppose. Ah well.

(Dial Tone)


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