Happy birthday to me! Well, this.

So, it’s been a year- I’ve actually managed to keep this blog going for an entire year without giving up, changing my mind about it or being politely asked to delete it. I’m actually quite impressed with myself. Continue reading


Post-Rumble Comedown

Boy, did I back the wrong horse. Is my face red. Didn’t I count my chickens too soon. I can go on like that for a while, but the conclusion is that the guy who I really wanted to win last night’s Royal Rumble failed. Continue reading

I should clear out my camera more often

Yesterday I was sorting out my camera memory cards- no real reason, mainly just through boredom and a little bit of writer’s block (I’ve actually been writing a fair amount these past few days- no less that 6 potential ‘comedy’ sketches, ranging from fully finished down to a base concept, as well as a short play, several bits of stories etc etc etc), and I came across several photos that I took but never got round to using. Continue reading

Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the Royal Rumble match!

Ahhh, that’s better- all it took was back-to-back viewings of 3 Muppet movies (Christmas Carol, Treasure Island and the amazing newest one- even if I ended up playing ‘Spot The Famous Person’), I’ve manage to temporarily cheer myself up to the extent I can write a blog post. Continue reading

Blue Monday. Apparently.

According to some journalists with nothing else to write about, today is apparently called Blue Monday, and is the single most depressing day of the calender year, according to a random equation that manages to make no sense whatsoever. I’m going to write it all off as rubbish- mainly because instead of a single, 24-hour day, I’ve had a fairly bleak few days, that don’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Continue reading

2013. It can jog on.

As I’m writing this, I’m in bed. I’ve either come down with a bad case of food poisoning or that norovirus that seems to be sweeping across everyone- although with my near-non-existent digestion and fairly weak immune systems, I can’t rule out anything really. All I’ll say is that throwing up several times at work is not good record shop etiquette. You never saw John Cusack blowing chunks in High Fidelity, did you?

Continue reading