Undertaking and shoegazing. Amongst other things.

I’ll get this bit out of the way first- My Bloody Valentine have released a brand new studio album today. Yes, you read that right. Yes, I’ll say it again just to make sure- My Bloody Valentine have released a brand new studio album. Today.No hoax. After 21 years of waiting, rumours and Kevin Shields’ studio perfectionism, the iconic shoegazers’ 3rd album, just called mbv (lowercase) is to be physically released on CD and LP in a few weeks, but the download is available here:


The album has been recorded on fully analogue equipment (quite a departure in this day and age)…and the worst part? After 21 years……it’s really, really good.

REALLY good. Pretty much the opposite of the Chinese Democracy debacle then.

All we need is a Ride reformation and we’re laughing.

I’m still jobless, and starting to get desperate- I’ve been applying to work night-shifts at local hotels (they advertised, but haven’t responded to me- they can’t be that desperate, can they?) But the other day I found a job that I felt compelled to apply for, which although I emailed a CV, I’m going to go in person tomorrow in order to ask about it.

It’s working for a funeral directors. Therefore, a decent chance that I may well be applying to be an undertaker.


…I give it 3 hours.

I don’t know what the job actually entails- I have a feeling that it’ll more than likely either be a coffin bearer or hearse driver…I doubt that they would have an advert in a job centre if the vacancy involved the use of formaldehyde and required a large understanding of the human body. Just saying.


Although if there’s anyone there named Paul, I don’t think I could handle it.


So yeah, let’s see what happens with that.

In other news, remember that store that I went to with Alistair that had the wrestling figures? Well, we bought some. He went with CM Punk and Hornswoggle, and I got Ric Flair and The Undertaker (American Badass version) in order to recreate the Wrestlemania X8 street fight.


Yeah, we’re both 22, spending a Saturday afternoon in a toy shop.

And what’s wrong with that, may I ask?

(Dial Tone)


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