The pros and cons of living at home

So, for the next few days, I’m back at home with my parents. I’ve got a dental…thing (I’m not entirely sure what it involves- it could be anything from a regular check-up through to bridgework or the installation of some sort of robotic denture, which is able to chew through any type of old-school candy- Wham! Bars, Chewy Refreshers, Toffos (5 points if you remember them)

I think it’s a bit more likely that it’s the former. Even so, I’m here until Friday (at the earliest), sitting around a different house. Not a bad thing, although thus far I’ve started playing Final Fantasy XII again- forgot how good it is, if a little tedious at first. There’s only so many times you can travel across the Dalmasca Estersand before getting somewhat bored. 

I do like being at home, it’s a very welcome break, although I’ve been able to come up with a fairly trivial, selfish yet understandable list of pros and cons:


I’ve also made a new mixtape/playlist/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. I’ve compiled a set of slightly offbeat, left-of-centre…stuff. Difficult to explain. It stemmed from trying in vain to find a CD copy of the soundtrack to Spaced, to no avail, as well as listening to a mixtape of Italian lounge music I made some time ago for my dad (seriously, I did). Therefore, I decided to find some of my favourites from the show (‘The Staunton Lick’, Fantastic Plastic Machine’s cover of ‘There Must Be An Angel’, Fuzz Townshend, Air etc) and make a mix based around them. So I did:

Purposefully offbeat. A mixtape.

Mixtape Cover 2

  1. The Staunton Lick- Lemon Jelly

  2. Bossa (Demo)- Air

  3. There Must Be An Angel (Playing with My Heart)- Fantastic Plastic Machine

  4. Fire In The Middle- Nightmares On Wax

  5. Test Card- Fuzz Townshend

  6. Needles In My Eyes- The Beta Band

  7. Angelica- Lamb

  8. IZ-US- Aphex Twin

  9. Bossa For Jackie (Dedicated to Mrs. Kennedy)- Fantastic Plastic Machine

  10. Deep Blue Day- Brian Eno

  11. Changeling / Transmission 1- DJ Shadow

  12. Lot More- Portishead

  13. Metronomic Underground- Stereolab

  14. Readymade- Beck

  15. Half Day Closing- Portishead

  16. Under Drama- Giancarlo Gazzani

  17. Smokes Quantity- Boards Of Canada

  18. Deep Water- Portishead

  19. His Majesty King Raam- Lemon Jelly

  20. #19 [Hexagon]- Aphex Twin

  21. Xtal- Aphex Twin

  22. You Make It Easy- Air

  23. Radiation Ruling The Nation (Protection)- Massive Attack

  24. Duffed Up- Primal Scream

  25. Dim Brys Dim Chwys- Super Furry Animals

  26. Happy Cycling- Boards Of Canada

  27. Half Forgotten Daydreams- John Cameron

  28. Headphones- Björk

  29. Des Etoiles Electroniques- Stereolab

  30. Le Voyage De Penelope- Air

  31. The Girl Next Green Door- Fantastic Plastic Machine

  32. i- Aphex Twin

  33. Undenied- Portishead

  34. Melt- Leftfield

  35. Morse- Nightmares On Wax

  36. La Femme D’Argent- Air

  37. Sparks- Röyksopp

  38. Triangles & Rhombuses- Boards Of Canada

  39. Flim- Aphex Twin

  40. Mornin’- Star Slinger

  41. Unspoken- Four Tet

  42. Eternal Feedback (Sly)- Massive Attack

  43. Always Returning- Brian Eno

  44. Light Through The Veins- Jon Hopkins

  45. A Tribute To Monk & Canatella- Portishead

For added effect, I’ve found this mix works pretty well placed on shuffle, along with random pop standards- best examples are ‘These Boots Were Made For Walkin”, ‘Loving You’, one of Isaac Hayes’ more cinematic efforts, or for the full experience, the entire album A Groovy Place by The Mike Flowers Pops.

A Groovy Place

Yes, that.

Well, we seem to have finished a little earlier than expected, so here’s some videos:


(Dial Tone)


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