Nerfing. And other similar activities.

I’ll be the first to admit it- on many occasions, I don’t really put my priorities right. As I’ve put before, while many people my age are planning the rest of their lives (careers, families etc), I, along with a fair number of my friends, continue to act as we do.

In short- dicking about.

The last couple of days have been very, very fun- ranging from creating a potential new Olympic sport, through to taking Nerf guns to a new degree of awesome.

One of the local establishments in town have recently purchased an air hockey table. Now, as a wrestling fan, I was saddened to see that wrestling shall be removed from the Olympics (yet walking, rhythmic gymnastics and both judo and kickboxing remain- aren’t they pretty much the same?). Anyway, once the dust settled on the fact that we’ll never see another Kurt Angle again, it also means that there’s a new gap in the market for sports. Instead of giving swimming or sprinting another medal (which is more likely than not in my opinion), why not open it up to something else?

Kurt Angle

My top three candidates:

  1. Air Hockey
  2. Roller Hockey
  3. Roller Derby

and number 4- Chair Hockey, also known as Cincinnati Time-Waste (nice Simpsons reference, there)

I know- you can see that there’s a bit of a pattern there. But yeah, air hockey could be done. Until then, we’ve created a new tournament, called HockeyMania!


It started out as a tournament between myself, Alistair, Sam and Grace, while we were sat in t’pub yesterday. This is the epic 3rd-place match: Alistair ‘Baaad Maaan’ McGeorge vs Sam ‘Nickname Pending’ Kellett:


…except the video won’t go on here. Apparently I need a video upgrade before I can upload my own stuff. Therefore, here’s footage of some scuffles between the Vancouver Canucks against the Dallas Stars last week:


Our HockeyMania tournament wasn’t that bad- although Baaad Maaan tried to cash in his Money In The Bank (yeah, we crossed over sports somewhat), against the winner of the just-finished Championship Match (yours truly) he became the first man ever to cash in and lose. Into the annals of history you go.

HockeyMania Champion

A belt will be purchased. Eventually. Or some sort of cup. Whatever’s easiest, really.

In similar news, Nerf guns have been upgraded:

New Nerf Guns

They look pretty cool, don’t they? Rather than the slightly tacky yellow, it’s blue and white- I wish it could be possible to paint the orange plastic bits green- then I’d have Nerf weapons in Canucks colours. That would be schweeeet. Anyway, we had a bit of a war last night, which was augmented by the use of strobe lights and face paints. I’ll repeat that to show seriousness there- strobe lights and face paints. Bearing in mind this is in a regular house. Nearly all early 20s. Alistair was able to make a 25-minute long audio piece from it (albeit accidentally, leaving his voice recorder on in his pocket), and listening to it back, it’s terrifying. It could easily pass as audio from some sort of horror film, or even a real-life scenario…all until someone shouts, post-headshot:


Whoops. Suddenly, it’s not footage from some government cover-up. It’s a bunch of friends arsing around.

I would upload the aforementioned audio (after getting it from Alistair), but again, that requires some sort of upgrade. Grrrrrr…

So instead, here’s a Les Dawson monologue (I must sort out my top 10 stand up comedians of all time):

(Dial Tone)


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