Whoops- forgot this is still a thing…

I’ve had a fairly busy week or so, and I’ve got a feeling that it’s about to get busier. Therefore, my posts on here may be less frequent, and may simply be some photos, or a doodle I made on a train, or something similar.

Why? I heard no-one ask. Well, on top of the 2013 UCLan comedy review, I’m also in two more plays, writing a possible sitcom and by the end of this week, may have a job. Times are getting busy, yo.

But on a different note, it’s March- spring. Which means that days will be longer and warmer, which means people will be more willing to do stuff which means potential for mayhem. Hooray. I’ve warmed to the idea of buying several office chairs and wheelchairs, with the intention of racing.


I’m sure if these proves to be a success, then office chair derby will be a possibility. Maybe with a league. And some sort of championship belt.

In other news, Captain Hamwich Rumsponge is back! I’m working on a full-length (ish) feature using him.


…and that’s about it. I’m sorry I’ve got nothing else relevant to say right now- next time I post something, I promise it’ll at least have some substance about it.

So in the meantime, please enjoy this:

And I know it’s March, so I’m either 3 months too late, or 9 months too early (I prefer the second option), but:

(Dial Tone)


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