Exhaustion and Burnout

Ugh. I’m tired…well, not tired, but not far off being completely shattered. This last week has been pretty damn busy, and I’ve barely had any time to myself, let alone time to type out a blog post, make little doodles and upload it all.

I’ve just had the first lie-in (beyond 9am) I’ve managed in well over a week, and it hasn’t really helped. As I said in the previous installment of my life, the 2013 UCLan Comedy Revue was on last week, unusually on 2 midweek dates, with a change in venue at last minute for the Wednesday performance. Either way, I can fairly confidently say that it was a hit. The last minute change in venue, coupled with the midweek dates and times, were probably detrimental to the audience numbers, but it still went well on both nights…

Even though you’ve never seen so much corpsing on stage, particularly as one of the sketches was set in a mortuary.

Husband (played by Alistair)- Y’know, a fancy-piece! A bit on the side! A tasty treat!

Undertaker 2 (me)- (begins shaking uncontrollably)

Husband- It’s not funny!

Undertaker 2- I know…I-I, s..sorry, I-I think I heard something just outside, I’ll just go ch-check…(exits stage, begins laughing. Loud)

Undertaker 1 (Tom)- He’ll be back in a minute.

Undertaker 2- (re-enters stage, still a bit giggly) Sorry, it was those…kids again…laughing at something…so where were we?

Husband- …aye, a fancy-piece! (Walks in between the two undertakers, arms across both of them) A mistress! Phwoarrrr!

(Undertaker 2 breaks down again)


That was on the first night. On the second, we nearly lost it completely when we corpsed/improvised so much we actually forgot the plot of the sketch. Recovered just in time.

And a version of the famous (even if I’m not massively keen on it) Dead Duck Parrot sketch, which nearly saw Sam (playing Michael Palin- a notorious giggler himself) nearly in tears during the line ‘It’s stunned’. Mainly because the dead duck parrot in question was dropkicked into the audience. As you do.

But the weirdest part? It worked. The corpsing, the technical hitches (some sketches relied on music cues, one didn’t start properly, the other was near-silent on stage but could be heard in the audience- very spooky moment), the over-the-top set changes (a lack of controllable house lights on the second night meant that blackouts couldn’t be done. Therefore, the Husband/corpse during the first part of Dead Men Tell No Tales had to be lifted back off the embalming table, back into the wheelchair and carted offstage. You can imagine how that went.), it all worked. I’m so proud to say that I took part/did quite a lot for that show, and I’d like to officially (offstage) thank Sam for producing the whole thing, making sure everything ticked over nicely, people came to rehearsals, stuff got sorted in time and nobody panicked. I’d draw you a doodle to express my gratitude, but I can’t find my notepad. Therefore, I give you this:

Monkey on a squirrel

(credit to http://loopyrocket.blogspot.co.uk/)

There was even a soundtrack to the show. Seriously- I made a mixtape for the comedy show- a mixture of French electronic lounge music (Air, essentially), offbeat electronica and Italian film soundtracks. The intention was to replicate an old 1960s cinema ‘intermission’ screen:

The 2013 UCLan Comedy Revue OST:

  1. Casanova 70- Air
  2. Tema Di Barbara Alberto- Baldan Bembo
  3. Les Professionnels- Air
  4. Bossa For Jackie (Dedicated to Mrs. Kennedy)- Fantastic Plastic Machine
  5. Go Slow- Julie London
  6. Girl Talk- Howard Roberts
  7. Diagonals- Stereolab
  8. Test Card- Fuzz Townshend
  9. New Star In The Sky (Chanson Pour Solal)- Air
  10. Anonymous Collective- Stereolab
  11. Metta Una Cera E Cena- Florinda Bolkan
  12. You Make It Easy- Air
  13. L’amore Dice Ciao- Armando Travaioli
  14. The Look Of Love- Isaac Hayes

I also tried installing Spotify, in order to make life easier for those of you who actually want to listen to the stuff I suggest on here…except Spotify didn’t have many of these, in fact- remove the Air stuff, and Isaac Hayes, it was a struggle. Therefore, find it yourself (most of these should be on Youtube…I think) or get in touch with me, I’ll send a CD out.

Anyway, the work doesn’t stop- I’m in another play this coming weekend called Under The Blue Sky, to which I’ve been asked to curate a soundtrack. Such is life.

(Dial Tone)


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