An opinionated view of the 2012 European Championships

In a couple of weeks, the 2012 European Football Championships will begin, hosted jointly by Poland and Ukraine. Am I excited? In a word, no. But still, I’ll try and remove as much cynicism as I can, and try to create a sort-of preview. Mainly if you plan on putting a bet on. Continue reading


A Rant- A Proper One. And A Ramble- A Decent One.

I’m starting this post with a rant. Chances are that it’ll be a rant that will polarize opinion and alienate many, but I feel it needs to be done. If you want to skip to normal service, scroll to about halfway down. Continue reading

Sick As A Parrot

As I’ve mentioned before, last year I intended to put on a show at the Edinburgh Fringe- it was going to be mainly stories from my dad’s time as a football player and referee, but also personal anecdotes from going to games in the late 1990s and early 2000s. However, it wasn’t a general ‘wasn’t everything better in the good old days?’ rant. It was personal- things that aren’t seen any more, things that simply aren’t the same. In the last post similar to this, I mentioned stickers, inflatables, pies at halftime and the Sports Report. This time, I’m delving a little further. Continue reading

Random Things About Association Football #468- The Cult Hero

I’m going to apologise in advance. I’ve made another post about football- something that I’m hoping will be a fairly rare occurrence in comparison to other stuff. However, I thought that this edition of Shenaniganation could talk a little bit about it- namely the idea of the cult hero.  Continue reading

They Think It’s All Over…They’re Pretty Smart (It’s about football)

I’m a football fan. But I’ve grown to despise the sport. You may already be thinking, ‘Hang on- what?’ and about to close this window, or go on Youtube and watch a cat fall off a sofa (to which I respond: fair enough, I think I would, too) but I can explain if you give me a chance. Will you? Continue reading