An opinionated view of the 2012 European Championships

In a couple of weeks, the 2012 European Football Championships will begin, hosted jointly by Poland and Ukraine. Am I excited? In a word, no. But still, I’ll try and remove as much cynicism as I can, and try to create a sort-of preview. Mainly if you plan on putting a bet on. Continue reading


A Rant- A Proper One. And A Ramble- A Decent One.

I’m starting this post with a rant. Chances are that it’ll be a rant that will polarize opinion and alienate many, but I feel it needs to be done. If you want to skip to normal service, scroll to about halfway down. Continue reading

The (D)Evolution Of Association Football, part VIIb

Hello again. I’ve had time to re-group and think of another blog post. Hopefully one which will be fairly fun to research and doodle, if possible. It is Friday, after all! Continue reading


Happy (Belated) Birthday Sir Tom Finney

Hi. This post is a little more special today, although I meant to do it yesterday (Ended up slacking/buying records…as you do). It also coincides with the fact that I haven’t made a football-based blog post in quite a while. Continue reading


The Cult Hero, Part 2.

I’m not doing an introduction today. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just I’ve got nothing really to say here. Sorry. Please read on?

Continue reading


Sick As A Parrot

As I’ve mentioned before, last year I intended to put on a show at the Edinburgh Fringe- it was going to be mainly stories from my dad’s time as a football player and referee, but also personal anecdotes from going to games in the late 1990s and early 2000s. However, it wasn’t a general ‘wasn’t everything better in the good old days?’ rant. It was personal- things that aren’t seen any more, things that simply aren’t the same. In the last post similar to this, I mentioned stickers, inflatables, pies at halftime and the Sports Report. This time, I’m delving a little further. Continue reading


Random Things About Association Football #468- The Cult Hero

I’m going to apologise in advance. I’ve made another post about football- something that I’m hoping will be a fairly rare occurrence in comparison to other stuff. However, I thought that this edition of Shenaniganation could talk a little bit about it- namely the idea of the cult hero.  Continue reading


They Think It’s All Over…They’re Pretty Smart (It’s about football)

I’m a football fan. But I’ve grown to despise the sport. You may already be thinking, ‘Hang on- what?’ and about to close this window, or go on Youtube and watch a cat fall off a sofa (to which I respond: fair enough, I think I would, too) but I can explain if you give me a chance. Will you? Continue reading