So, New York…

And after a second visit to the country, I’ve definitely come to the logical, reasonable and well-evaluated conclusion that I would like to move to America in the short-term future. And after what was technically my second visit to the city (although I personally choose to discount sprinting through JFK to catch a connecting flight), New York City may be on the list of potential places to try and make a living. Continue reading


WrestleMania 29 Aftershow Thoughts

Sorry for the delay in writing this- I was hoping to have it done by Thursday, but as well as being in a jetlagged stupor (I’m still not 100% over), I’ve been thrust back into the deep end with rehearsals for plays/comedy shows- seriously, if you ever want me to contribute to a comedy show, DO NOT leave me sleep-deprived and filled with caffeine. It doesn’t end well- ‘existential Beanie Babies’ and Bolton-based astronauts who mispronounce NASA are not always good topics for improvisation. Continue reading

I should clear out my camera more often

Yesterday I was sorting out my camera memory cards- no real reason, mainly just through boredom and a little bit of writer’s block (I’ve actually been writing a fair amount these past few days- no less that 6 potential ‘comedy’ sketches, ranging from fully finished down to a base concept, as well as a short play, several bits of stories etc etc etc), and I came across several photos that I took but never got round to using. Continue reading

Vision On

It seems AGES since I last posted- I’ve been very busy this week with university work, as well as practicing for the UCLan comedy revue (which I am very excited about, even just for the fact that we’re using something that I’ve written! It’s not that funny, but still…). I was in Liverpool on Wednesday too, getting some photos and information for some work. Anyway, because of this, I haven’t really been able to have time to write a decent blog post. Continue reading

My Travels IV- Photography special!

I’ve realised that while I’ve been talking about my trip to America (I still can’t believe I’ve got 3 separate stories/anecdotes from it- I’m only about halfway through!), I need some sort of illustrative backing. My doodles cannot really stand up against proper photography- and it just so happens that I did some.
Continue reading

A quick thought about some bricks.

I still play with Lego- I don’t see any shame in that at all. In fact, there’s still something cool about still owning toys from the 1990s- I’ve got Lego, Transformers, Pokemon cards, Nerf guns and a Sega Megadrive (more on that later!) in my flat. Anyway- I have a list of projects that I really want to do in the next few years- somewhere on there is to make a stop motion film using Lego. Again, I’ll post my list on here eventually and explain it all. At the moment, however, I’ll need at least one more video camera and another 2 pairs of hands, but it could be done now, albeit quite badly lo-fi. One of the little figures I’ve got is a samurai, which I think is pretty cool. Here’s a picture of him:

I’m not sure if I want him as the hero, anti-hero or villain yet. Or even his name. Any suggestions? Just to say- he WILL have a motorcycle.

PS- In the background, you can see my lovely green Gola trainers and the Doc Martens- I already explained these. Now you have pictorial evidence.

(Dial Tone)