It’s all getting exciting…

Before I start, please forgive the possible rambling nature of today’s post. In the last 5 days, I think I managed about 12 hours sleep, and I’ve been under a fair bit of stress. However, I don’t care- I’m now in a position that I can nearly call myself a semi-professional (ie unpaid and not called upon) writer.

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Mandatory Advertising Time

I’m about to enter a very busy week-and-a-bit. Therefore, sorry if a) I abandon this blog for a bit, possibly sticking up a ‘please stand by’ test-card, or b) get that exhausted/caffeine-addled that I come on here at 4am and babble on nonsensically…not that there would be a lot of difference, really. Continue reading

So, New York…

And after a second visit to the country, I’ve definitely come to the logical, reasonable and well-evaluated conclusion that I would like to move to America in the short-term future. And after what was technically my second visit to the city (although I personally choose to discount sprinting through JFK to catch a connecting flight), New York City may be on the list of potential places to try and make a living. Continue reading


Ahhhh, writer’s block…

There is absolutely nothing worse than giving up while writing, mid-way through a sentence. Well, there is worse things, when you think about it- the mass genocides during World War II, the fact that William Regal has never held a major championship, when a pizza place puts slightly more pepper than you can tolerate (yeah, you asked for jalapenos, big man- now you’ve got to suffer them!) Continue reading


Adventures In Jobhunting, part 18b

What an anti-climactic week this turned out to be. Monday had so much promise, having done a trial shift at the hotel, The Undertaker being on Monday Night Raw, and finding a decent pair of roller skates on Amazon. Continue reading


It’s Spring. No-one warned me…

I’m really sorry- I haven’t really given this blog the proper care and attention over the last few days- I’ve been rather busy with a variety of things. Anyway, I’ve noticed I’ve been sneezing a lot more than usual. That’s usually the first sign of spring for me- the ominous rumble on the medical horizon that is hayfever. Combined with cat allergy. Aren’t I fun to be around, as a fully functioning human? Continue reading


Nerfing. And other similar activities.

I’ll be the first to admit it- on many occasions, I don’t really put my priorities right. As I’ve put before, while many people my age are planning the rest of their lives (careers, families etc), I, along with a fair number of my friends, continue to act as we do. Continue reading


Pointless update #1,348

(Sigh) I’m sick of being bored. I mean really, really sick of it. It’s getting to the point that I don’t actually want to do anything at all- I want to, obviously, but I can’t bring myself to. Continue reading


Undertaking and shoegazing. Amongst other things.

I’ll get this bit out of the way first- My Bloody Valentine have released a brand new studio album today. Yes, you read that right. Yes, I’ll say it again just to make sure- My Bloody Valentine have released a brand new studio album. Today. Continue reading


Back To Square One

Guess what? I’m back to being a jobless bum again. I didn’t lose my job thankfully, and it wasn’t over any customer-based altercations, or as many suspected, nearly punching an old lady who bought City Of Angels. Continue reading