Exhaustion and Burnout

Ugh. I’m tired…well, not tired, but not far off being completely shattered. This last week has been pretty damn busy, and I’ve barely had any time to myself, let alone time to type out a blog post, make little doodles and upload it all. Continue reading


Whoops- forgot this is still a thing…

I’ve had a fairly busy week or so, and I’ve got a feeling that it’s about to get busier. Therefore, my posts on here may be less frequent, and may simply be some photos, or a doodle I made on a train, or something similar. Continue reading

Doin’ Stuff, vol. XVIII

I’ve got things to occupy my time again! Hooray! Still jobless and broke, but at least I’ve currently got a few new projects on the go to pass the time with. Continue reading


I’m feeling especially miserable today. I was yesterday, too, but I wanted to make a blog post at some point- mainly because if nothing else, it’s something to do. The problem here is the fact that a) I don’t want to bore you with whatever stupid ideas/thoughts I’ve got swimming about, a b) I don’t want to waste internet space whining. I do that enough without going out of my way to do it. Continue reading




*This isn’t quite what I did- it’s a culmination of the last couple of days, but still- a pretty damn good itinerary, don’t you think?

I think so.

(Dial Tone)


Pointless update #1,348

(Sigh) I’m sick of being bored. I mean really, really sick of it. It’s getting to the point that I don’t actually want to do anything at all- I want to, obviously, but I can’t bring myself to. Continue reading


Happy birthday to me! Well, this.

So, it’s been a year- I’ve actually managed to keep this blog going for an entire year without giving up, changing my mind about it or being politely asked to delete it. I’m actually quite impressed with myself. Continue reading


Blue Monday. Apparently.

According to some journalists with nothing else to write about, today is apparently called Blue Monday, and is the single most depressing day of the calender year, according to a random equation that manages to make no sense whatsoever. I’m going to write it all off as rubbish- mainly because instead of a single, 24-hour day, I’ve had a fairly bleak few days, that don’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Continue reading


The Calendarial Twilight Zone

I’ve really neglected this blog the past few weeks- I’ve been busy with work and other stuff quite a lot so this has taken a bit of a back seat. But still, if you’re reading this- congratulations for surviving the apparent end of the world! Who would have guessed that everyone and everything survived with no ill effects? Continue reading


We’re talking Widescreen…Cinerama…all that Dolby stuff!

You may remember the other day when I mentioned that I’d thought of an idea for a film, involving the music of Spiritualized and Nick Cave (amongst others). Well, I stayed up last night drafting ideas. Continue reading