Exhaustion and Burnout

Ugh. I’m tired…well, not tired, but not far off being completely shattered. This last week has been pretty damn busy, and I’ve barely had any time to myself, let alone time to type out a blog post, make little doodles and upload it all. Continue reading


Breaking News: New Project Stopped by Slacking

Well, it seems that my attempt at National Novel Writing Month has pretty much failed. It’s gone as well as my attempts to find employment have, in fact. Quite miserable in that sense. However, I think I’m doing well with Vegan Month, considering my favourite foodstuffs tend to be cheese-based. Lactose discipline in action, right there. Continue reading

Purchased Experiences Don’t Count (Generation X Terminology Part I)

One of my favourite books of all time, after the works of David Peace and Nick Hornby, is Generation X: Tales For An Accelerated Culture by Douglas Copeland. It’s a fairly simple story- three friends living out in southeast California, terminally bored of their mundane jobs, competitive families and misplaced cultures. Continue reading

Talking about music vol. IV- ‘So Tough’

It’s been ages since I last made a ‘Talking About Music’ post. Literally months. So I’m bringing it back for a while. Just like Wispa Gold. Or Panini football stickers, or Raleigh Choppers. Seriously- I was in a bike shop the other day and they had some new ones in stock. Not proper Raleigh ones, but the same shape. Continue reading