So, New York…

And after a second visit to the country, I’ve definitely come to the logical, reasonable and well-evaluated conclusion that I would like to move to America in the short-term future. And after what was technically my second visit to the city (although I personally choose to discount sprinting through JFK to catch a connecting flight), New York City may be on the list of potential places to try and make a living. Continue reading


WrestleMania 29 Aftershow Thoughts

Sorry for the delay in writing this- I was hoping to have it done by Thursday, but as well as being in a jetlagged stupor (I’m still not 100% over), I’ve been thrust back into the deep end with rehearsals for plays/comedy shows- seriously, if you ever want me to contribute to a comedy show, DO NOT leave me sleep-deprived and filled with caffeine. It doesn’t end well- ‘existential Beanie Babies’ and Bolton-based astronauts who mispronounce NASA are not always good topics for improvisation. Continue reading

I should clear out my camera more often

Yesterday I was sorting out my camera memory cards- no real reason, mainly just through boredom and a little bit of writer’s block (I’ve actually been writing a fair amount these past few days- no less that 6 potential ‘comedy’ sketches, ranging from fully finished down to a base concept, as well as a short play, several bits of stories etc etc etc), and I came across several photos that I took but never got round to using. Continue reading

Vision On

It seems AGES since I last posted- I’ve been very busy this week with university work, as well as practicing for the UCLan comedy revue (which I am very excited about, even just for the fact that we’re using something that I’ve written! It’s not that funny, but still…). I was in Liverpool on Wednesday too, getting some photos and information for some work. Anyway, because of this, I haven’t really been able to have time to write a decent blog post. Continue reading

My Travels IV- Photography special!

I’ve realised that while I’ve been talking about my trip to America (I still can’t believe I’ve got 3 separate stories/anecdotes from it- I’m only about halfway through!), I need some sort of illustrative backing. My doodles cannot really stand up against proper photography- and it just so happens that I did some.
Continue reading