Review- Camera Obscura at Academy 2, Manchester, Wednesday 5th June

So after so much wishing/hoping/frantically watching listings, I was finally able to see the creators of one of my all-time favourite albums in a live environment. Having released their newest album, Desire Lines, earlier this week, Camera Obscura’s set was based around the new songs, which gel incredibly with their earlier work. Continue reading


Exhaustion and Burnout

Ugh. I’m tired…well, not tired, but not far off being completely shattered. This last week has been pretty damn busy, and I’ve barely had any time to myself, let alone time to type out a blog post, make little doodles and upload it all. Continue reading

Review- The Wedding Present at O2 Academy, Bristol, Wednesday 31st October

The self-styled “semi-legendary” Wedding Present are back on the road, partaking in a ‘classic albums’ tour, of sorts. For this year marks the 21st anniversary of their Steve Albini-produced noise rock masterpiece Seamonsters, which would be played in full. Continue reading


Review- Bruce Springsteen at The Stadium Of Light, Sunderland, Thursday 21st June

I’ll start with a quick statement. I’ve never been to a stadium show before- in fact, over the last 2-and-a-half years, the largest venue I’ve been in has been Manchester Apollo- the vast majority of places with a capacity of about 350. At The Stadium Of Light, Sunderland AFC’s ground, 55,000 braved the inclement weather for a man rightfully nicknamed, ‘The Boss’. Bit of a culture shock, then. Continue reading


Review- Martin Rev at The New Continental, Preston, Wednesday 23rd May

Yesterday (May 23rd) marked what would have been the 78th birthday of inventor Robert Moog, creator of arguably the most important instrument in pop music since the electric guitar- the Moog synthesiser. So what better way to celebrate that going to see one of the true masters of electronic music- Martin Rev- one half of the incredibly influential New York punk band Suicide. Continue reading


Review- Luke Haines at The New Continental, Preston, Saturday 21st April

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be able to see one of my musical heroes play an incredibly intimate show in the confines of arguably one of the best establishments in Preston.
Continue reading


Review- Graham Coxon at Sound Control, Manchester, Thursday 19th April

Hello again. I’ve decided to make myself useful and write something constructive. Therefore, you’re getting a live review. Enjoy. Continue reading