Pointless update #1,348

(Sigh) I’m sick of being bored. I mean really, really sick of it. It’s getting to the point that I don’t actually want to do anything at all- I want to, obviously, but I can’t bring myself to. Continue reading


Happy birthday to me! Well, this.

So, it’s been a year- I’ve actually managed to keep this blog going for an entire year without giving up, changing my mind about it or being politely asked to delete it. I’m actually quite impressed with myself. Continue reading

It’s That Time Of Year Again…

My parents came over to visit me earlier this week. Usually if they both have got a day off work at the same time (dad works Monday to Friday, mum works shifts which can be at any time), they sometimes come over for the day. It’s nice- generally we’ll go out somewhere for the day, unless the weather’s a bit rubbish. Continue reading

Summer’s Here And The Time Is Right To Generally Complain.

Over the last few days, summer has started up. It’s been warm. Maybe too warm. But it’s getting a little annoying for several reasons. Obviously, it’s nice too- the smell of a warm day is one of the best smells in the world (more in urban than fields etc- I’ll always remember the smell of the heat on the runway at Charles De Gualle airport in France, coming back from America. Being stuck on the flight for technically 29 hours (or something like that), it was the first sensation of fresh-ish air.) Continue reading