Why I Love The Wedding Present.

Firstly, sorry for the lack of updates. Secondly, this wasn’t really the post I intended to write today. I’ve been feeling a bit low for the past couple of days (various thoughts/doubts piling up on each other, gradually crushing my skull like a kitten under Geoff Capes after a pie-eating contest, where he came a respectable 3rd. Heartburn caused a forfeit.), but instead of writing a 1,000+ word sulk, I might as well be a bit more constructive. Continue reading


Review- ‘Valentina’ by The Wedding Present

I’m doing a slightly different format of writing today. For a special, I’m going to review The Wedding Present’s latest album, ‘Valentina’, which I bought today (the day of release), about an hour and a half ago as I write this, from Action Records. I’ve heard nothing from it prior to this, so I see this as a challenge. Same reviewing rules apply. I’ve got until the song finishes to talk about it…actually, that’s hard. Make it 2 plays. Continue reading