So, New York…

And after a second visit to the country, I’ve definitely come to the logical, reasonable and well-evaluated conclusion that I would like to move to America in the short-term future. And after what was technically my second visit to the city (although I personally choose to discount sprinting through JFK to catch a connecting flight), New York City may be on the list of potential places to try and make a living. Continue reading


WrestleMania 29 Aftershow Thoughts

Sorry for the delay in writing this- I was hoping to have it done by Thursday, but as well as being in a jetlagged stupor (I’m still not 100% over), I’ve been thrust back into the deep end with rehearsals for plays/comedy shows- seriously, if you ever want me to contribute to a comedy show, DO NOT leave me sleep-deprived and filled with caffeine. It doesn’t end well- ‘existential Beanie Babies’ and Bolton-based astronauts who mispronounce NASA are not always good topics for improvisation. Continue reading

My Travels VII: Look what I found!

I’ve been back at home with my parents for just 3 weeks now, about time that I should start unpacking my things properly- other than my clothes, I’ve still been living out of cardboard boxes, filled with books, records, posters, toys and the other random bits and pieces I’ve picked up over the last year or so. Continue reading

My Travels IV- Photography special!

I’ve realised that while I’ve been talking about my trip to America (I still can’t believe I’ve got 3 separate stories/anecdotes from it- I’m only about halfway through!), I need some sort of illustrative backing. My doodles cannot really stand up against proper photography- and it just so happens that I did some.
Continue reading

My Travels III

Hello again. It’s been a few days since I resumed my story about America (also known as ‘the fairly comprehensive list of why you shouldn’t travel anywhere with me’), so I thought I’ll write another installment. It’s a Sunday, raining a little bit and I’m listening to Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura, like the hipster lovely individual I am. Also, I’ve had a fried egg sandwich (fried in olive oil, of course) with a cup of green tea- a very rare but lovely treat…I’m not a hipster! I’m not! NO NO NO NO NO!……Anyway, on with the story. Continue reading