Review- Camera Obscura at Academy 2, Manchester, Wednesday 5th June

So after so much wishing/hoping/frantically watching listings, I was finally able to see the creators of one of my all-time favourite albums in a live environment. Having released their newest album, Desire Lines, earlier this week, Camera Obscura’s set was based around the new songs, which gel incredibly with their earlier work. Continue reading


Why I Love The Wedding Present.

Firstly, sorry for the lack of updates. Secondly, this wasn’t really the post I intended to write today. I’ve been feeling a bit low for the past couple of days (various thoughts/doubts piling up on each other, gradually crushing my skull like a kitten under Geoff Capes after a pie-eating contest, where he came a respectable 3rd. Heartburn caused a forfeit.), but instead of writing a 1,000+ word sulk, I might as well be a bit more constructive. Continue reading

The pros and cons of living at home

So, for the next few days, I’m back at home with my parents. I’ve got a dental…thing (I’m not entirely sure what it involves- it could be anything from a regular check-up through to bridgework or the installation of some sort of robotic denture, which is able to chew through any type of old-school candy- Wham! Bars, Chewy Refreshers, Toffos (5 points if you remember them) Continue reading

Christmas Music (Let’s just get through this)

Well well well. The time is almost upon us when for once a year it becomes socially acceptable to consume horrific amounts of food and drink, sit around with family members when you could oh-so-easily be doing something you actually want to do, watch some of the most mind-numbing television (but endlessly repeated) known to man, and listen to certain songs on a near-infinite loop. Continue reading

People are rubbish- Gahhhh! part two

Sorry- I’ve been neglecting this blog somewhat. I can explain though- I’ve been working quite a bit, and I’ve been spending a lot of my downtime writing the script for “If All Else Fails, End With Jazz Hands”- which has got a decent bit of progress now- roughly a quarter done, if not more. But still, what a couple of days I’ve had. Ugh. ‘Tis the season and all that, which means that suddenly, (what may at one point have been) normal people get the urge to act like idiots within the retail environment. Continue reading

Musical Streaks

I was thinking about this while I was at work on the ‘graveyard shift’ the other day- because that dreaded season of frantic shopping is upon us, we stay open later, although no more people come. Honestly, we were open until 8pm but were empty from about 6:30 onwards. Continue reading